Velvet printing series

YXLM906 series of rotary screen printing machine

Equipment USE

The machine is applicable to the printing of the home textiles and velvet fabrics such as coral fleece, polar fleece, flannel, comfortable surface fleece and

the like specially.


Technical Features

. Efficient dust collection device is provided with a suction system and a brush roller, capable of removing velvets, impurities and the like on the surface of the cloth effectively.


Technical Parameter
Knitting Fabrics Weight Range 50 - 500 g/m2
Repeat 640mm 726mm 820mm 914mm 1018mm
Number of Colors 4-16
Nominal Width 1800,2000,2200,2400.2600,2800,3000
Speed Range 4 - 80 m/min
Registration   Precision 0.05mm
Registration Adjust Range Unlimited vertically
Horizontally : ±7mm  Diagonal : ±3.5 mm
Number of Dryer Section  6-8
Squeegee Printing Type By Magnetic Bar


Equipment Component


. The cloth charging system is composed of a rack, a cloth tightening apparatus, a powerful velvet suction box, a spoke type centering machine, a cylinder elastic regulating frame, a cloth charging roller, a cloth guide roller, etc.
. A tension sensor for inspecting the cloth charging is provided, capable of making the fabrics of open width flat and pucker-free and operating the same onto the printing conduction band accurately according to different tensions of different fabrics after being regulated in place.

. The dedusting system is provided with a suction system and a brush roller, capable of removing velvets, impurities and the like on the surface of the cloth effectively.


. Capable of improving the permeability of the printing paste on the surface of the cloth to make the printing shape more perfect and color permeability more even.

. The prewashing device is composed of 2 spraying pipes for flushing and l coarse sponge for scrubbing to remove most of thrums, paste and other impurities.
. The main washing device is composed of l spraying pipe, 2 high-quality brush roller and l T-shaped scraper for washing the conduction band repeatedly and removing the water content completely by scraping.
. The last flushing water can be put into the first prewashing device after being filtered and recycled for recycling fully, so as to reduce the water consumption to minimum.


.Vertical radial registration is completed the operation panel of each printing unit and is installed on the operation side and paste pump side,respectively.Horizontal(zonal) registration is installed on the operation side.The fixed plate and the sliding plate are made of different metal materials through surface treatment.The gap of operating rods and the hand feel can be regulated.Diagonal registration is installed on the paste pump side,and the steering element is made in Japan.Jigh-quality elastic coupling and angular contact bearing are adopted.The gap of operating rods and the hand feel can be regulated.

. PLC touch screen with simple humanized operation interface.
' Both the operation side and transmission sides are provided with operation panels
. Drive of conduction band: Main drive is Siemens frequency conversion motor;
' Drive of rotary screen: Taiwan Delta servo motor and SHIMPO;
. Low-voltage electrical apparatus: Schneider;
. Cloth charging tension control: Import tension sensor is adopted for keeping the cloth charging tension balanced and stable.


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