Velvet printing series

YXHM829 series of long loop steamer

Equipment USE

The machine is applicable to the ageing and fixation after the printing of the home textiles and velvet fabrics such as coral fleece, polar fleece, flanne,comfortable surface fleece and the like specially, and is also used for the baking and fixation of disperse dyes.


Technical Features

. The machine uses the import AC servo and AC variable frequency drive system, The equipment is operated stably and reliably.

. Large circular chain of the machine is a roller chain, free roller drop phenomenon.

. The machine is heated by conduction oil.

. The whole machine box is featured with very good heat preservation by 100mm compressed insulating layer, so as to greatly reduce the energy consumption. The exhaust of the circulating fan is in frequency conversion control, so that the actual power consumption of the whole machine is reduced. The input energy can be utilized fully by unique hot air circulation system.

. In the circulation process, the operation of the ring formation knife and main chain shall be monitored in real-time to prevent the chain drop or operation conflict, so as to avoid the cloth winding phenomenon of the cloth charging roller effectively.

. In the high temperature technology, due to the application of the import temperature control system, the heating process is greatly shortened, the energy consumption is reduced, and the temperature control accuracy (±1 %) is ensured. A little steam shall be sprayed at the ring formation position in the high temperature technology to remove the electrostatic effect and cloth winding phenomenon, Compared with other forms of rapid steamers requiring large quantities of steam in the ring formation process, the energy is saved obviously.

. Maximum working width of the equipment can be 5000mm, so that the yield is greatly improved, and the working efficiency is  enhanced obviously.


Technical parameter

Working Width 1.6m-5m
Fabrics Storage 140m, 210m, 280m,350m, 420m
Means of Fabrics Entry and Exit

Front In and Back Out, or,
Front In and Front Out

Maximum Speed 50 m/min
Loop Length 1.5-2.5m
Heat source Steam , Thermal oil 
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Applicable Process Dispersing process and baking process


Equipment Components

· Improve the stability of the ring formation knife structure.
·The fault rate in the knife return process is reduced by the large chain plate.
·Reduce the regulation difficulty of the weighing chains on two sides of ring formation knife
· Avoid the phenomenon that jumping gear often occurs in the chain of the previous ring formation knife due to excessively fast of the knife return speed.
· Increase the heat exchange area of the heat exchanger and greatly quicken the
heating time, so as to further improve the production efficiency.
·Maximum production breadth is increased from 3.6m to 5m.
·Due to unique design structure of high-strength aluminum alloy cloth-hanging roller,the bending deformation phenomenon of cloth-hanging roller caused by the production in the maximum width state is reduced greatly.
·The roller drop phenomenon in the bending deformation process caused by accident of the cloth hanging roller is ensured by the fixed forms on two ends of the cylindrical pin shaft.


Loop Ring Rapid Steamer Flowchart