Printing Series

YXLM905 series of rotary screen printing machine

Equipment USE  

The machine is applicable to the printing of the blending woven fabrics and knitted fabrics of various natural fibers and chemical fibers.


Technical Features

1. Cloth charging mode: cloth charging of knitted fabric or woven fabric

2. Printing unit:

A. The rack is solid and reliable and the assembly/disassembly and maintenance are convenient,the truss beams of cold-drawn profile is featured with high strength and easy cleaning.

B. Magnetic platform: The magnetic platform made of high-quality and rustproof aviation aluminum is featured with heat distortion prevention and the coherence to the penetration requirements.

C. Flotary screen drive: For the rotary screen transmission, an imported reducer and a servo motor are used, and the drive is cooled with an independent fan.

D. Registration mechanism: The longitudinal registration is carried out on the operation panel of each printing unit (both the positive and negative hands), and the transverse registration and oblique registration are carried out manually, wherein the space and hand feel can be adjusted to facilitate registration.

E. Rotary screen tension: The rotary screen, which is directly and pneumatically tensioned, is provided with an imported linear bearing.

3. Drive of conduction band: Active and positive rollers are made of seamless steel pipes and stainless steel plates. The drive device is connected with the rack stably and reliably.The passive roller is provided with a roller dirt-scraping device. The conduction band is tensioned lightly and conveniently.

4. Water washing device of conduction band: The prewashing device, including the coarse sponge and soft flat plate rubber scraper for removing the paste effectively, is installed on the mobile trolley. The water scraping device is a double“T”-shaped polyurethane water scraper, which can be moved solely and is provided with an individual thermoplastic plastic removing device.

5. Control system:

A. The system uses the main controller and Omron PLC single-axis control module to realize high-accuracy multi-axis synchronization control, has fast follow speed and realizes very high reliability and stability.

B. The control system has an automatic compensation function for the ascending and descending registers.


Technical parameter

Knitting Fabrics Weight Range 50 - 500 g/m2
Repeat 640mm 726mm 820mm 914mm 1018mm
Number of Colors 4-16
Nominal Width 1800,2000,2200,2400.2600,2800,3000
Speed Range 4 - 100 m/min 
Registration  Precision 0.05mm
Registration  Adjust  Range Unlimited vertically
Horizontally: ±7mm  Diagonal: ±3.5 mm
Number of Dryer Section 4-7
Squeegee Printing Type By Magnetic Bar

 Rotary Screen Printing Combination Machine